Contact Lenses No Prescription

Contact Lenses No Prescription

The Contact Lenses No Rx website was created to provide a comprehensive resource for all things related to no prescription contacts  and options to order contact lenses with no prescription.  We strive to provide relevant information about prescription contact lenses, tips, facts and much more.

Most web users that type in terms such as contact lenses no prescription or no prescription color contacts are usually looking for 2 different type of results.  We'll discuss both scenarios below and try our best to provide you the most relevant results for both searches so you don't spend your precious time looking through multiple websites to fully address your search.

SCENARIO ONE for contact lenses or contacts no prescription... through our own experience we know that most people, not all, typing this phrase into search engines are trying to learn if and if so where they can buy contact lenses with no current prescription.  Typically these are everyday folks from the USA that have had the same contact lens prescription for multiple years and are seasoned contact lens wearers and simply don't want to go through the hassle, time and expense associated with another eye exam to get a slip of paper that allows them to wear the very same contact lenses they have been wearing for multiple years.  Imagine if you had to go back to the eye doctors each year just to get permission to continue wearing the same pair of eye glasses.  We recognize of course that contact lenses and eye glasses are two very different eye correction objects as contacts make 'contact' with they eye and eye glasses do not but for many people those are minor differences.

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Fortunately for this group of people tired of the annual requirement to order refills of the same contact lenses prescription or Rx the world wide web, in it's nature of being world wide, offers several options.  We have reviewed options for buying contact lenses online with no prescription from Canada, Europe and the UK and we have a solid recommendation and have received no negative feedback from our visitors that have ordered these lenses.

It's actually very simple, either use the banner above or this link to order contact lenses no prescription verification from LensPlanet in the UK.  These are the very same brand name contact lenses you would order from the US.  If you are interested in this option please consider a couple of the downsides before your purchase... because these lenses are shipped from the UK via Royal mail the shipping will be slightly higher than it would be from the US and it will take several more business days to make it over the Atlantic.  This is not a good option if you need your lenses for the weekend.  But if you are not pressed for time their prices are actually cheaper than some of the larger and well known (800) type contact lens retailers and they are super reliable in filling and shipping orders.  Last downside is that you will have to do some basic math to understand how much you are paying because they will charge you by the Pound - British Sterling Pounds that is.   OK so you really don't have to do math just use this Pounds to Dollars Calculator to figure out the price.

SCENARIO two No Prescription Contact Lenses... If the above was not what you were searching for it's more than likely that you and most other people searching for this phrase or some variation of it are actually interested in Cosmetic or non-prescription contact lenses that do not correct vision.  Many people that are looking for information about non-prescription color contact lenses are often surprised that if they live in the US they do in fact need to have a prescription for non-prescription contacts that do NOT correct vision.  The name is confusing yes and should really not be used in the US regardless of what types of contact lenses you are interested in ordering online because ALL contact lenses require the wearer to have an eye exam which includes a 'fitting' where the eye doctor determines the shape of your eye and writes you an Rx for base curve and diameter.  So how is it that you may have friends that have ordered cosmetic contact lenses online with no prescription or eye exam ever.  It's because most, NOT all, people share base curve and many lenses only come in a single diameter and because these type of lenses do not correct vision there is no power part of the Rx.  As such it may be (we aren't aware of any stats only that most people fall into a common and narrow range) that 9 out of 10 people that get an Rx for no prescription contact lenses get the same information on their piece of paper.  That being said we recommend taking the time and spending the money to have a certified eye care provider examine your eyes and write you a prescription even if you have perfect vision and have never before had any eye problems.  For many people that like to buy and then try we do have another option to order contact lenses with no prescription verification from the UK.  Contact For Lenses UK has a great selection of cosmetic color contacts that are FDA approved and come in plano or no-power correction so they only change your eye color but because they are the same safe name brand lenses available in the US you don't have to worry about quality standards.


Contact Lenses No Verification


Order Contact Lenses with no prescription verification

Contact Lenses no Rx verificationIf you are new to ordering contact lenses online you may not know that all US based contact lens online sellers are required by FDA law to perform a prescription verification prior to shipping every order.  As a buyer on one of these sites you enter in your Doctor's name and contact info and the seller contacts the office to verify the prescription is valid.  Not just that you once had or somewhat recently had a prescription but that it's still valid and not expired.  In most states the term of a prescription is only 12 months and if your prescription is 1 week expired when you try to order a refill of contact lenses you are SOL.

Some people on chat boards and blogs contend that the FDA is actually subsidizing the eye care industry while the mainstream argue it is solely for the safety of 'patients'.  Outside the US different governments treat their citizens differently and may have different regulations around prescription verification.  You as the potential online buyer of contact lenses need to take responsibility for your decision and act in a responsible manner that you are comfortable with.  If you would like to disregard this warning and are interested in this topic the site at this link is a good source for more information on contact lenses without a prescription.


Buy Contact Lenses No Prescription


Buy Contact Lenses No Prescription Online

As you can see from the main article on our home page it is indeed possible to buy contact lenses online with no prescription verification.  The home page article offers 2 of the most popular UK destinations to order contacts with no Rx.  This article offers a 3rd proven option to purchase your contact lenses online without a current doctor's Rx.

Buy Contact Lenses no prescription from the UK online today.

Contact For Lenses from the UK is a full service provider of Discount Contact Lenses.  Note that this is only a good option if you are certain you know your Rx info but just don't have a current copy of your contact lenses prescription.  You can't guess at your Rx and if it's been a very long time since you've had an eye exam you shouldn't take any chances with your eyes and you should cough up the cash to go see your eye care provider and get a valid and current contact lens prescription.


Contact Lenses No Prescription Needed


Contact Lenses No Prescription Required

We have a good deal of information throughout this site providing our visitors with the best options to buy contact lenses without a current prescription but as this information doesn't change often some of the articles date back to 2010.  While that isn't a problem we wanted to provide an update (late 2013) that was both informative and current.  We'll begin by reiterating a few of the key points when considering buying contact lenses online with no prescription required and we'll also send you to several other websites that provide similar information including a Facebook page with dozens of articles on ordering prescription contact lenses without verification from Canada the UK and the USA.

Firstly we will validate that the original information contained on our home page, although dated, is sill relevant and has proven 100% accurate over the last several years and shows no sign of changing.  Bottom line is that you can legally buy contact lenses with no prescription from sources outside the US and get them delivered to the states.   The US government and main stream American media have done a good job scaring the US public about the dangers of buying contact lenses without a doctor's exam each year and associated prescription and most Americans actually believe it's against the law to order contact lenses online without a current prescription when it actually not a violation at all, even if you live in the USA?   Why the confusion?   The US Contact Lens Rules are applicable to the seller of contact lenses and not the buyer.  The US FDA's website clearly states this fact on the website but of course you won't hear main stream media or an eye care provider readily point out this nuance.  What this means however is that you can choose, with a clear conscience, to go back to the doctor each and every year (even if your Rx doesn't change), or you can skip a year or 2 and order contact lenses from Canada or the UK.

Legal Weed LogoNow of course if an optometrist reads this they'll have a complete cow and tell you your likely to go blind if you order the same replacement contact lenses that you've been wearing for 5 years if you don't go back every 12 months and make sure your eyes are still healthy.  Well sorry but we don't agree.  We aren't advocating new novice contact lens wearers to buy cheap color contact lenses with no prescription and wear them without considering eye safety but we are saying that the 1 year contact lens prescription rules in the US are too strict.  And before the previously mentioned eye care providers continue to fume hopefully they'll consider this...  It's now LEGAL to sell, buy and SMOKE Pot in Washington and Colorado.  We aren't talking medical weed at this point but as much weed as you can afford for purely recreational use.  Given the Fed's recent decision to back off and not interfere with these states legal sale of no prescription weed it's very likely other states will follow suit.

We don't have a dog in the legalize pot race but still it seems hugely ridiculous that the Feds police online contact lens sales and require prescription verification for re-orders.  Once for the initial fitting and exam is fine but if I can walk into a Pot Store in Denver and order an ounce of their finest green stuff I sure would like to be able to place an online order for contact lenses I've been prescribed and wearing for a decade without getting a doctor's prescription and permission each year.  In the meantime I'll continue to order my replacement contact lenses from the UK without prescription verification and stick it to the incompetent Federal Government that can't keep our National Monuments and Parks open to the public.


Buy Contact Lenses No Rx

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